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    Dear memers:
    We are glad to announce that the ASCH International Forum ( is online now and we will stop to update the ASCH Chinese Forum about a month later.  ASCH International Forum is a new forum for international memers and we think it will be helpful to promote the construction  of ASCH eco-communtiy more quickly and effectively. On this forum, we will have a  future rewards plan to build a active community, and the detail information such as the bounty funds, bounty rules will be announced later. Besides, we will have an  Airdrop just a few days later, please stay tuned.
    For more latest information, join us in the slack (

    ASCH official coummuity
    August 9th

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    If anyone want to join in the slack, please leave the your email address here or PM to me, I will invite you ASAP.

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